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Tempura flour

Tempura is used for chicken, fish, shrimp, vegetables, and etc. Tempura makes your food puffy by adding only cold water.

Tempura is one of the most common dishes in Japanese cuisine. Outside of Japan, Tempura is one of symbols of Japanese cuisine. Soy sauce is usually used for its seasoning.

Tempura is a substitute for eggs

Eggs play a big role in cooking for several reasons; first to hold ingredients, second to puff; also when eggs exposed to heat, giving food a golden or brown color, while Tempura Flour has all the features of an egg to fry foods, addition it is a much better substitute for eggs in fried food, because:

1.Tempura Flour is without any Unpleasant odor.

  1. Professional chefs know eggs loses its adhesion as a result of over mixing but the tempura texture is stickier if prepared properly.
  2. Eggs can quickly spoil and cause poisoning, while tempura flour does not cause poisoning since it is mixed only with water.
  3. Tempura is a kind of bread flour that makes your food crispier and tasty.
  4. The Tempura helps to make your food more golden and beautiful after baking.
  5. Finally, Tempura flour is more cost-effective than eggs.

Another amazing property of it, mixing of Tempura flour with ice water and cover the food with it and fry in hot oil and make puffy foods.