About panko,japanese Breadcrumbs

Panko, a brand of bread crumbs, belongs to Aftab Tejarat Negin Company in Iran, which is derived from the baking style in Japan with a unique technology (from preparing raw materials to baking and drying). The main feature of the Panko brand compared to other competitors is its large, needle-shaped grains, which, along with its crispness, hollowness and extraordinary lightness, distinguish it from others.

Panko compounds

Bread crumbs with Panko brand (exclusive representative of Vietnam sumimoto company) is made from a special combination of high protein flour and other quality raw materials, and Aftab Tejarat Negin Company seeks the highest consumer satisfaction. Aftab Tejarat Negin Company (owner of Panko brand in Iran), which is one of the leading companies in Iran's food industry, is currently engaged in the import and production of Panko bread crumbs and Tempura bread crumbs.

Construction method

The most important feature that makes Panko brand unique from other bread crumbs is the traditional methods of baking, drying and grinding Panko. The main features of Panko in Japanese style are its lightness and crispness. This style of cooking makes the food have a crisp and light texture that absorbs less oil and provides a healthier meal.
Panko breadcrumbs are produced by the most modern machines in the world

Main features of Panko

The porous and bulky texture of this product causes less fat absorption and as a result is healthier than similar samples. The uniformity of the bread crumbs is a special advantage that gives a crisp and smooth puffiness and beauty to your bread. There are two types of bread crumbs, one made from white bread without bran and the other brown pancake made from whole bread Becomes.
Once baked, the color of breadcrumbs lightens; And after frying in oil, powder and breadcrumbs take on a beautiful golden color; At the same time, because there is no bread crust or bread crumbs in this product, after frying in oil, it will remain completely one-handed.

The Panko brand is a type of flaked breadcrumbs and is commonly used in Asian cuisine, although it is also widely used in Western cuisine. What distinguishes it from other bread crumbs and flour is the texture and type of preparation.
Baking powder with Panko brand is one of the most popular flavors and creates a very good taste in foods such as shrimp and chicken. In addition to crushing food, Panko ry bread powder and flour give them a pleasant taste. Panko brand is a good choice for a healthy cooking with high nutritional value.
Bread crumbs can be used to make shami, cutlets, cocoa and falafel crispier, which also makes it taste more delicious. This powder is also prepared in a way that it does not contain trans fatty acids and can be a suitable alternative to other types of bread crumbs and flour.